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Offering jewelry


For ages, giving a piece of jewelry has been a symbol of friendship or love, underlines an important event, or even serves to confirm a union. Whatever the reason, when you receive a jewel, you receive a symbol that lasts over time.

Here are some gift ideas.
Honeycombs symbolize harmony in nature.


Honeycomb Pendant

Perfect little pendant to wear every day. With its geometric shapes and contemporary lines, this little natural gem will appeal to anyone who loves a minimalist style. This person likes beautiful things with simple and discreet lines.

Fern leaves symbolize new beginnings.


Fern Leaf Earrings

These silver fern leaves are perfect for the person who loves larger but still light and comfortable jewelry. A little romantic, this person is dreamy, sensitive and endowed with a limitless imagination.

Chamomile leaves symbolize strength in adversity.


Chamomile Leaf earrings

These earrings are ideal for the person who loves shiny and golden jewelry. The one who is fearless and likes to have a flamboyant look. A bohemian soul who is in tune with her deepest values, she walks through her life as she sees fit.

Ginkgo leaves symbolize longevity, memory and resilience.


Ginkgo Leaf earrings

The ginkgo, also called the thousand crown tree, shines in all its gilding in autumn. Ancient tree and unique among the others, it carries the memory of the world. The person who wears Ginkgo leaves is generous, caring and likes to be the center of attention.

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Samara earrings in bronze

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