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The story of Brelokz begins in the Laurentians in 2010...

Then studying herbalism and a newly arrived in my
house in the heart of the Laurentian mountains, I take my first steps in jewellery making and create my first collection of botanical jewellery.


Self-taught, I find in metal, the element that animates me, fire.
Through my walks in the forest, my eyes rest on organic textures and my mind transforms them into natural ornaments. I then pick the leaf, the branch or the piece of bark, which once in the workshop, will come back to life in the metal. Inspiration springs easily from the environment around me.

Each plant, flower, shrub and tree contains a unique magical signature.

In my practice, I look for the meaning of each plant, whether it is medicinal, folk or mystical. Organic textures become natural and timeless treasures between my fingers. I capture its essence with the intention of creating pieces that carry a story, and which perhaps one day will be passed on from generation to generation.


My work begins in the forest, slowly, and follows the cycle of the seasons.

Véronique Roy, founder of Brelokz Atelier

The studio in the heart of the Laurentians

In any season, it is possible to make an appointment to pick up your order at our Mont-Blanc little studio. Although certain times of the year are less suitable for opening our doors, we will do our best to find with you the best time to receive you.

“I really think the woods are just as lovely in winter as in summer. They're so white and still, like they were asleep and dreaming pretty dreams.”

– Lucy Maud Montgomery